Dear customers,

Once again we feel the need to thank you for your confidence, you have consolidated us to the top of your preferences.

Your unwavering support, obligates us in keeping to search new products in order to make your daily life more comfortable and above all safer.

The basic principle for all of us who daily represent the Target Group is to recommend and supply you with products, in which we would unconditionally trust our safety too, being in your position.

On the effort of constant contact with our audience and focused on the requirements and developments of a global market, we proceeded to creation of a new website. Here you can learn with consistancy and accuracy for the completeness, quality and technical details of our products. Our aim was to create an additional valuable search tool of choices regarding your safety. We aspire in combination with expert and qualified personal opinion, which we provide responsibly, to lead you to the excellent market that meets your specific needs.

Besides to above, our goal is to continually broaden the ways of communication with you, our customers, in order to listen to your complaints, to accept your criticism and utilize your suggestions. In this way we believe we can build a relationship of mutual and deep trust, which deserve both you as our customers, and we as a company which offers valuable for your life services.

Fanis Romeos


Target Group Ltd

Target Group Ltd was founded in order to cover needs of the Army and the Armed Forces –Police, Port police, Border Control Stations, Fire Brigade, Rangers etc. in the field of Defensive Equipment with high quality products from the international industry, importing and distributing products of recognized brands.

Company: Target Group Ltd

Field of activity: Defencive Equipment

Branch Ι: 121 Michalakopoulou Ave., 115 27 Athens, GREECE (Wholesales), tel no: +30 210 7718890 Fax: +30 210 7718897

Branch  ΙI: 16 Dimitsanas Str., 115 22 Athens, GREECE (Retail), tel no: +30 210 6470010 Fax: +30 210 6470010

Branch  ΙII: Via La Cittadella snc 93100 Caltanissetta, Tel.: 0934/592127  Fax: 0934/557452 e-mail: [email protected]


Field of Activity

  • Weapons: Hand gun pistols and revolvers, Rifles, Tactical Shotguns, Machine guns, Weapon Systems
  • Ammunition
  • Training Ammunition
  • Gun Accessories: Grips, Tactical Lights, Laser, Red-Dot Sights, Barrels, Sound Suppressors, Magazines, Magazines Loaders, Cleaning Kits, Flash Hinders, Carrying Harness, Butt stocks, Optical Sights, Slings, Detachable Folding Bipod, Sight Mounting Tools, Tritium Night Sights, Less Recoil Systems, Electronic Hearing Protection, Shooting Accessories etc
  • Electric, Portable and Hand Lighting Equipment: Night Vision, Thermal Imager Detectors, Flashlights, Sport Lights, Binoculars, Scopes, Cameras, Night Shot Video Recorders etc
  • Fire & Rescue Equipment: Fireproof Uniforms, Fireproof Gloves, Fire Boots, Fire Helmets, Fire Hoods, Fire Goggles, Tools, Hose Systems, Rescue Ropes, Water Rescue kits, Life Jackets, Water Rescue Helmets, Green Trident Headlamps, Under water View Camera etc
  • Medical and Surgical Instrument and Supplies: First Aid and Rescue Responding Kit, Emergency Blankets, Complete Oxygen Delivery System, Comfort Stations, CPR Masks, Patient Transport etc
  • Hazard- Detecting Instruments and Apparatus: Inspection Mirrors, Handheld Metal Detectors, Metal Detector Gates, Evidence Supply Storage kit, Identicator Portable Fingerprint Station, Drags Identicator Kits, Alcohol Breath Tester etc
  • Training Aids: Training Guns, Battons, Guff, Bags, Radio, Lights, Knifes, Training Suits, Training Tools for K9 Working Dogs etc
  • Tactical Equipment: Hydration Systems, Dynamic Entry Tools, Tactical Gloves, Balaclava, Eyewear Tactical Goggles, Elbow and Knee Pads, Gas Masks, Holsters, Scope Protection,
    Bags and Cases, Ropes, Tactical Vests, Belts, Concealed Weapon Funny Pacs, Pouches, Shoulder Straps, Battons, Hand Guff etc
  • Ballistic Protection: Body Armor Vests , Ballistic protection Blankets, Tactical Warrant Vests, Anti Stab Vests, Hard Armor Plates, Ballistic Helmets, Protect Ballistic Entry Shields etc
  • Less Lethal Munitions and Guns: Speciaty Impact Munitions, Speciaty Cheramical Barricade Penetrator Munitions, Non-Pyrotechnic Projectiles (Indoor Use), Chemical Agent Devices (Outdoor Use), Grenades, Extinguisher Aerosol Projectors, Gas Guns etc
  • Communication Systems: Megaphone, Two Way Radios, Microphones Palm Mic, Mobile command Center, Audio Surveillance, GPS, Scanners, Weather Alert Radio etc
  • Domestic Preparedness: Chemical Protective Coveralls, Chemical Protective Undergarnments (CPU) & Overgarnments (CPO), Chemical Protectant Gloves, De-Con Pac, Respiratory Protection, Disaster/Rescue Kits & Body Bags, Survival Products etc
  • Knifes and Tools: For Protection, Rescue, Sports etc
  • Vehicle Equipment: Speed Radar’s, In-Vehicle Video / Evidence Collection Systems, Gun Racks & Locks, Prisoner Containment Seats, Door Panels, Barriers and Window Guards, High Visibility Graphic Kits, Communication Organizers, Stinger Spike Systems etc
  • Traffic Control: Traffic Cones and Signs, Ansi Vests, Car and Truck Wheel Immobilizers, Measuring Equipment, Barrier Tapes, Stinger Spike Systems etc


Streamlight Flash Lights-U.S.A., Sphinx Arms-Swiss, Τanfoglio Pistols-Italy, EnGarde Body Armor-The Netherlands, Front-Line Holsters- Israel, Marom Dolphin Tactical Equipment-Israel, Dasta Holsters-C.Z, Swedish Body Armour-Sweden, Fobus Holsters-Israel, Sellier Bellot Ammunition-C.Z., Haix Military-Police Shoes-Germany, GM cleaning kits-Italy, Heckler & Koch pistols-Germany, Sig Sauer Weapons-Germany, CZ pistols-Czech Republic, Glock pistols–Austria, Walther pistols–Germany, Federal Ammunition-USA, Magtech ammunition–Brazil, Beretta pistols-Italy, Jericho pistols-Israel, Mossberg shut guns-U.S.A., Bushnell binoculars-U.S.A., Leatherman tools-U.S.A., Smith & Wesson knives-U.S.A., Garrett security gates-U.S.A., 5.11 tactical clothing-U.S.A., Hatch gloves-U.S.A., Maxpedition hard-use gear-U.S.A., Kenwood two-way radios-U.S.A., Benelli- Italy, Ceco Ammunition- Germany, FN Herstal- Smith&Wesson handguns- USA, Belgium, Steyr Mannlicher-Austria, Colt-USA, Swiss Arms-Swiss, Vega holsters-Italy, IMI holsters- Israel, Kimber pistols-USA, Barrett- USA, Izhmash arms- Russia, Accuracy International- England